Mixed Colors

It’s been lingering on my mind for awhile now and I thought it would be a good time to let this off my chest. Finals are coming to a close and I didn’t want to keep this in anymore. So where do I begin? I’ll start with personal experiences and then divert to a discussion. … More Mixed Colors

IS 310 Lab 9

I’ve chosen to discuss Chris Brogan’s effectiveness of social media engagement over the course of the semester. From the standpoint of my other influencers that I had chosen I don’t feel like he did that great of a job at creating engagement. He used his own website for trying to appeal to his followers, which … More IS 310 Lab 9

IS 310 Lab 2 Update

Leave it to Gary to yet again create engagement by posting on his twitter a video of him giving a business talk in Sydney! The significance isn’t the crux of his speech, but rather the fact that because he’s actively sharing stuff on his twitter he’s creating engagement across media platforms and had me click … More IS 310 Lab 2 Update

IS 310 Lab 2 Update

As perusal, I was thinking about making a post on one of my other influencers, but Gary’s engagement is something that always speaks to me. Gary posted on his twitter a link to an article that discusses his strategy to this new digital media save. The article essentially broke down every aspect of the IS … More IS 310 Lab 2 Update

IS Lab 5

The topic I chose to compare wordpress’s on was politics. So I promptly searched the topic and chose the first couple of blog’s that popped up. I will be referring to the blogs as labeled at the bottom of this document. The first blog I took a look at was effective in that it had … More IS Lab 5

IS Lab 2 Update

Because I cannot get enough of Gary Vaynerchuk and I just absolutely love his hustle. Here is another post on him. Gary isn’t just a man who preaches a message of how easy it is to capitalize on virtually anything, but he’s a man who walks the talk. In this particular example he went garage … More IS Lab 2 Update

13th on Netflix

I heard a little to nothing on the content that this documentary was going to put out. All I knew was that it was going to cover the 13th amendment and the major racial disparities that this country has gone through all its history. After watching this documentary, my entire perspective on race relations has … More 13th on Netflix

God’s the answer

For some, the answer is clear, God offers salvation and only through believing in him can we find peace. For others they aren’t sure what to think when it comes to God, and who he is. They share a mix of emotions from being feared, to being confused, to being lost. They think they have … More God’s the answer