Mixed Colors

It’s been lingering on my mind for awhile now and I thought it would be a good time to let this off my chest. Finals are coming to a close and I didn’t want to keep this in anymore.

So where do I begin? I’ll start with personal experiences and then divert to a discussion. As you guys may already know, I am dating a black woman, yes a black woman, not an African American (as some people would jump to say), but a black woman. She doesn’t associate herself with Africa as a majority of the race doesn’t, and for lack of better words should have no reason to. She’s a proud independent black woman who doesn’t let ignorance go unnoticed, if she sees something, she tries to make a comment. Generally I fail to recognize these subtle situations, and always get scolded afterwards. Here are a few examples, when we walked into a local bagel shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I held the door for her and then a few other people, Lena (that’s my girlfriend) got in line, the woman didn’t acknowledge her, until I walked in and got beside her, the woman promptly greeted us. It’s bizarre to think that these simple gestures can really cause such catastrophic tension between races and how we view people differently. Another prime example of these scenarios has been at in store Starbucks. For whatever reason the in store locations we visited tended to have a more racial condescending tone then we noticed of other locations. Now, let me make you guys aware, Lena works at a Starbucks and understands how to make certain drinks and when drinks are bad and how to compensate and such. When we went to these locations, Lena ordered first while I was lagging behind and no where near her, when I arrive the barista quickly greets me and tends to my needs, while forgetting entirely about hers (her’s being she can’t drink regular milk because she has a bad stomach for it, and always requests soy). One barista made her entire drink, and then at the time of making my drink realized I wanted soy and then had the nerve to alert me that there was no soy milk; she never bothered to say a word to Lena or inform her of this matter. Now people can say what they want, but I’ve come to the conclusion that these random acts all have a common theme of people treating others differently based on their skin tone. These types of acts should not be taking place and it’s sad to realize we live in a world where people have preexisting assumptions on people and act accordingly.

I want people to stay above the influence and not let other people’s ignorance determine their way of thinking, I want people to think on their own and to voice their own opinions.



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