IS 310 Lab 9

I’ve chosen to discuss Chris Brogan’s effectiveness of social media engagement over the course of the semester. From the standpoint of my other influencers that I had chosen I don’t feel like he did that great of a job at creating engagement. He used his own website for trying to appeal to his followers, which I thought would be a more provocative approach, however as someone who checked his website whenever I could through the course of the semester, he hardly updated it and it was disappointing. His twitter campaign was fairly good, however, a majority of the topic information he would post wouldn’t necessarily resonate with me and thus not really create engagement. In order to increase their level of engagement, I would say the key is to produce new, fun, and creative content in order to provide his followers with the latest and greatest. Something that I liked about Gary Vaynerchuk throughout the semester was that he made sure he was using his twitter whenever he could. He strive for follower engagement, whereas Chris Broga’s focus is a little bit different.


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